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Agency Workers Regulations coming into effect

recruitmentThe Agency Workers Regulations come into effect on 1 October 2011, effectively giving equal rights to agency workers and full time staff after 12 weeks in a role.

Recruitment agencies need to take note of the changes to the law, because they carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to compliance, however the responsibility is shared by the employer hiring temp workers through agencies.

The hiring company needs to give the agency the correct information about the conditions of the role in order for the two to work together in ensuring the regulations are followed.

Agency workers will have some rights straight off the bat, such as the right to accessing shared facilities and amenities accessed by full time workers in comparable roles and access to job vacancies. Other rights, such as basic pay, annual leave, rest breaks and performance bonuses must kick in after 12 weeks.

If an agency worker changes roles for a hiring employer after the 12 week period, the worker will retain the rights they gained at week 12, unless the roles are substantially different.

It is clearly very important to get to grips with the changes brought about by the new regulations, and with only a few days left until the regulations come into effect, it is imperative that action is taken now.

To learn more about the Agency Workers Regulations, click here.

Social Media and Recruitment

A while ago LinkedIn launched a plug in allowing candidates to apply for jobs through LinkedIn. If you were to believe the hype behind this move you’d probably think any recruitment process outside of LinkedIn was doomed to die a miserable death.

However, social network sites are still falling short of the mark in supplying sufficient quality candidates for employers to consider for their vacancies. They are a great additional tool for job seekers and employers alike, but they need to be used as a supplementary tool, not necessarily as the primary tool.

For one thing, as far as advertising vacancies in recruitment is concerned, the price of posting a job on LinkedIn needs to be compared to posting a vacancy on a reputable job board in the recruitment industry. Careers in Recruitment only charges £95 for a starting level job post (at the time of writing this blog post).

Our recruitment site has great vacancies from the top employers in the field, and we complement our job board with a lively LinkedIn group where candidates and currently employed recruitment consultants can chat about industry news, events and opportunities. Advertising a vacancy on Careers in Recruitment will therefore get you exposure to an active LinkedIn group for the industry and a large volume of traffic through search engines.

LinkedIn is a great career tool, but it needs to be used in conjunction with specialist recruiters who have the tried and tested skills and expertise needed for effective recruitment.