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Retaining staff – the importance of keeping hold of what you’ve got

Networking GroupOne of the leading recruitment websites has discussed the age-old question, what is more important? Retaining the staff you have? Or introducing new ones?

In this insightful opinion piece, Bill Boarman shares his views on the matter, and stresses the importance of retention during an economic downturn.

To read the article please visit the recruiter website.

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Starting a career in recruitment

5012027PhoneFolderRecruitment specialist Perriam & Everett has released some fantastic information which is a vital read for everyone looking to begin a career in recruitment, with frequently asked questions and some top tips in the industry, this is one not to be missed.

What they say…

“Recruitment consultancy has become a career of choice for both new graduates and experienced people looking to transfer into more challenging, sociable and lucrative work. We thought it would be helpful to include some facts about the job of a professional services recruitment consultant for people without recruitment experience.”

To read the full story please visit the Perriam & Everett website.

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