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Innovative New CV Search Added to Careers in Recruitment – Actonomy

Careers In Recruitment are striving to stay at the forefront of the job board marketplace. In order to achieve this, Careers In Recruitment have teamed up with Actonomy to provide you with the latest and most innovative CV search technology on the market.

The new CV search gives you access to over 72,000 candidates and allows you to search keywords and job roles in order to ensure that you’re only shown relevant job seekers.

With the new software, we now allow you to try two different types of CV searches – Boolean & Empowered. Boolean searches allow you to combine keywords using AND and OR operators (must be upper case), for example:

  • marketing AND sales

  • marketing OR sales

Using quotes “” in your searches also allows you to search for an exact phrase, for example:

  • “project manager”

There is also the ability to combine all these to make your search even more specific, for example:

  • “sales director” AND (London OR Manchester)

careers in recruitment cv search

On an empowered search, the software will intelligently search the database for relevant CV’s that match your specific criteria.

This could be a combination of the following:

  • Recency of relevant roles or competencies. If you search for a job title or skill, the candidates who have performed this the most recently will get a higher relevancy score.

  • Duration of relevant roles or competencies. The candidates that have performed this job role or skill for longer will receive higher relevancy scores.

  • Level of relevant job role or skill. In some case Actonomy can tell that the job role or competency was performed at. Higher levels will receive higher relevancy. So if you search for ’sales’ a sales manager will rank above a sales assistant.

Can I see all the information in a CV?

If you’ve got downloads left on your account then you’ll be able to view the full CV. On the CV view you will be unable to view, contact details, surname and their current place of work. Upon clicking download, the full CV will be displayed to you.

Can I set up CV by email alert?

If you’re registered with {insert brand name}, then all you need to do is log in and click on ‘CV Tools’ – There is a section for CV by email alerts. Once there, click on ’set up a CV by email alert’ and fill in the form just like you would a CV search.

If you’re looking to add jobs to Careers in Recruitment then get in touch with our sales team on 01772 639042.

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