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Recruitment Resourcer Job Description

Working as a Recruitment Resourcer will require you to support the principal recruitment consultant with certain tasks.

Key tasks will mostly consist of name gathering, interviewing, candidate management, database maintenance and ensuring quality assurance compliance.

Main Tasks for a Recruitment Resourcer

  • Source and select candidates for clients
  • Networking
  • Identify skills to match appropriately with vacancies
  • Undertake contract negotiations
  • Create starter packs for clients
  • Deal with general day-to-day queries relating to contracts, pay and logistics.

You’ll be working with a diverse range of people gathering as much information on candidates in order to make perfect job matches.

In order to get into this role you’d be looking at two main entry methods, the first being through an employment agency where you can specialise in recruiting for a particular industry whether that be marketing or law. Alternatively you could work in-house as part of the human resources department of a company and recruit for internal positions.


You might be dealing with both permanent and temporary placements finding suitable candidates at all levels.

Working Hours

You’ll usually be required to work standard 9-5 working hours. The role is mainly desk based however you’ll most likely be asked to go and meet clients out at their offices.


Basic salary for a role such as this would usually range between £15,000 and £18,000.

The Good Bits & The Bad Bits

As a resourcer you’ll have the satisfaction of sourcing the right candidates for specific job roles. But on the downside you’ll also have to screen lots of potential candidates for specific roles which can be a long drawn out affair, good luck!

Key Skills Employers Look For in a Recruitment Resourcer

  • Great communication skills
  • Gain peoples confidence and put people at ease
  • Be persuasive, persistent and patient
  • Cope with pressure
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Exceptional organisational and admin skills
  • Have good IT skills
  • Be able to work to deadlines

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