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More graduate recruitment in 2012

New research from High Fliers Research reveals that despite the uncertain economic outlook, Britain’s top employers are set to recruit more graduates in 2012.

However, the report on the graduate job market published on Wednesday 11 January 2012, showed that those with work experience are more likely to be successfully recruited.

The Graduate Market in 2012 – a study of graduate vacancies and starting salaries at Britain’s 100 leading employers conducted by High Fliers Research in December 2011 shows that employers expect to hire 6.4% more graduates in 2012 than they did in 2011.

The report also warns that graduates from the ‘Class of 2012’ who have had no work experience whilst at university stand little or no chance of being successful in their recruitment by the country’s most prestigious graduate employers. The report showed that a record 36% of this year’s graduate vacancies are expected to be filled by applicants who have already worked for the organisation during their studies.

Half the employers included in the research have increased their graduate recruitment targets for 2012 and there are additional roles on offer in nine of the 14 industries and employment areas featured in the report.

On average, employers have received 19% more applications for their graduate programmes this year, with some recruiters reporting double the usual volume of applicants in the early part of their 2011-2012 recruitment campaign.

The majority of employers are not planning to increase their graduate remuneration in 2012 – the average graduate starting salary remains at £29,000 for the third year running.

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Recruitment Vacancies: Graduate Careers

There are lots of opportunities for graduate careers in recruitment and although a graduate will be required to work as junior recruitment staff, this is the position to learn the skills required to fill higher recruitment vacancies. To find out more about graduate careers in recruitment vacancies, read on.

Finding Graduate Recruitment Jobs

  • The main goal with graduate recruitment jobs is to learn the skills required to become a full time recruitment consultant. The chances are that you will start as junior recruitment staff to one of the senior recruitment consultants. These graduate recruitment jobs serve as excellent places to learn the skills required to be able to further graduate careers and they also show the company whether or not you are capable of filling more senior recruitment vacancies.
  • As junior recruitment staff, you will be expected to undertake administrative jobs such as obtaining references, filing applicants’ CVs, researching, taking calls and other general admin tasks. As graduate careers progress, it is likely that you start to sit in on interviews with clients and candidates as well as taking on more responsibilities.
  • To be successful in graduate recruitment jobs, you need to be friendly, confident, have good sales skills, be a good communicator and have the ability to work well under pressure. All recruitment staff need to be very organised and have a mature personality.
  • Most recruitment vacancies will require a degree in a relevant area such as business, IT or even Media. Relevant experience will always help graduate careers as there can often be lots of people applying for the same recruitment vacancies. Trying to undertake work experience in sales or HR during university is highly recommended.
  • Those with graduate recruitment jobs should expect to earn between £15k and £18k per year to begin with but upon promotion to recruitment consultant, this can rise to £23k+ per year.

You can search for a wide range of recruitment vacancies and graduate recruitment jobs here on Careers in Recruitment.

Recruitment Staff: Graduate Recruitment Jobs

The recruitment industry is now worth big money to businesses every year and people like recruitment consultants can make large amounts of money filling recruitment vacancies for their clients. Jobs as recruitment staff can be very interesting and fulfilling as well as being an excellent way of starting a career. Graduate recruitment jobs aren’t always in great supply so it is important you know about what recruitment vacancies jobs require so you can make yourself stand out. To find out more about graduate recruitment jobs, read on.

Graduate Recruitment Jobs Information

  • Those with graduate recruitment jobs will, for the most part, be learning how to provide companies with the recruitment staff that they require. The key to doing this successfully is to be able to act as the intermediary between the company and the individual you are trying to place.
  • When people first take on graduate recruitment jobs, their day to day tasks will generally involve administrative work such as amending CV’s, obtaining references, researching etc. and working directly below a recruitment consultant who you will learn from.
  • By shadowing more senior recruitment staff you will be able to learn the basics of the recruitment vacancies business and progress into taking on tasks with more responsibility such as interviewing and selecting candidates, working with clients etc.
  • Some people with graduate recruitment jobs specialise in specific areas such as engineering, finance etc. while other recruitment staff can be much broader. Either way, there are a few key qualities that everyone with graduate recruitment jobs should possess, these include good communication and interpersonal skills, to be able to work under pressure and to deadlines, to be confident and have a smart appearance.
  • Recruitment staff all need to be motivated, to be persuasive and friendly to both clients and colleagues, have good organisational and administrative skills and have the ability to prioritise. Entry qualifications for these jobs generally consist of a degree in a relevant subject and previous experience is always very helpful when applying for recruitment vacancies.
  • Generally, graduate recruitment jobs will have a starting salary of between £15k and £18k pa and once you have been promoted to recruitment consultant you salary could be anywhere between £20k and £40k pa + commission. Senior recruitment staff could easily earn more than that.

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