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Recruitment Vacancies: Head Hunter Job Description

A headhunter is a person that is employed by a company as a third party client whose job it is to fill recruitment vacancies for specific companies. Because of the nature of headhunter jobs, there are a number of different skills required to be able to place people within these recruitment vacancies and those that find success in headhunter jobs can make serious amounts of money. To find out more about headhunter jobs, read on.

About Head Hunter Jobs

  • A lot of the time, companies only employ a headhunter to fill top level recruitment vacancies because of the cost and time involved. Many top level recruitment vacancies are filled using this role because the headhunter has the opportunity to select the perfect candidate. The headhunter will find the candidate and then act as the middle man through the recruitment process to ensure that both clients are happy with salary/benefits etc.
  • The work of a headhunter requires a number of very specific skills to ensure that you are successful. The ability to undertake extensive research is essential and those with headhunter jobs need to be incredibly stubborn to be able to complete deals and earn big money. Real motivation and drive are absolutely essential, as is the ability to form relationships with a number of people which involves excellent communicative and interpersonal skills.
  • Those with headhunter jobs need to be able to quickly judge potential candidate’s character and personality to assess whether they are right for the recruitment vacancies available as well as being able to gain people’s confidence. The work of a headhunter is extremely high pressured so the ability to cope and to work to deadlines is essential.
  • A smart appearance, mature personality and excellent organisational skills will help you to find success as a headhunter. The large majority of headhunter jobs now require candidates with a relevant degree as well as some industry experience. Knowledge of your market for recruitment vacancies is hugely advantageous.
  • As a junior headhunter, you can expect a salary of between £18k and £22k pa with a lot more in commission. Senior headhunter jobs can pay over £100k pa with commission and many people work as a freelance head hunter taking all of the commission. You can search for head hunter jobs here on Careers in Recruitment.