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Online recruitment firms urged to do more with social media

Social Media - Asthma HelperA software development company has urged online recruitment firms to do more to take advantage of social media and the benefits that can come from using it.

The people behind BongoMagic, which is a relationship and referral marketing tool, have warned that by failing to fully harness the power of social networking sites, recruiters are losing out on the best candidates, which will also limit the reach of their recruitment campaigns.

Online recruiters are all competing for the same candidates and are now less competitive on price due to the growing costs of SEO advertising. ‘Passive Jobseekers’ make up three-quarters of the UK working population and the BongoMagic people said that many recruiters are failing to target them.

The firm believes its software could help recruiters overcome some of these issues because it expands the target audience past the first degree of separation. Crucially, the developers say, the tool helps reach even passive candidates by tapping into other people’s social networks.

Dave Young, founder and CTO of Larosco, developers of BongoMagic, said, “Traditional online recruitment has become a static commodity unable to respond quickly to new and productive online trends.”

He added, “We believe that a change is necessary, a change which encourages the entire industry to embrace the value and potential of social communication.”

Geoff Newman from whose company embraces social recruiting using Facebook and Twitter has recently launched a free social recruitment tool.

“Using social media can be effective but is by no means free, it requires a substantial investment in your time and energy. That’s why we felt it necessary to launch a free application to make it easier and cheaper.”

Source: Newdesignworld

Picture: AsthmaHelper