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Psychometric Tests: A valuable tool for employers

psychometric testsBy Heidi Nicholson

Put “psy” at the start of a word and it invariably seems to worry people. It sounds so academic and mysterious. Worst of all it refers to your mind and its inner workings. What could be scarier than someone looking deep into your thoughts as you progress your career. But working in recruitment, you may be familiar with psychometric testing – and the way in which it enriches the recruitment process. You may be involved in testing others, and you may well be tested yourself when moving jobs, or pursuing promotion.

It is becoming increasingly common for employers to include some form of psychometric testing during the employment selection processes. All the research points to processes that combine interviewing with psychometric testing judging candidates more accurately than relying on interviews alone.

Relax. Whether you are told you will be required to sit psychometric tests or attend an assessment centre (the non-“psy” way of saying the same thing) there is really nothing to worry about. It is highly unlikely you will lose a job opportunity on the basis of psychometric tests alone and it may be that when you do get your next job, if psychometric tests were used during the selection process, your transition into and development in that job will be smoother.
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