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Do’s and Don’ts Of Social Recruiting

Social MediaWe all know that social media is fast becoming a powerhouse in the recruitment world. Those who can leverage it successfully are reaping the benefits of sourcing fantastic candidates quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. But, as with all recent developments, it can be difficult to get your head around at first. So, we have put together a few do’s and don’ts to help get you started…


Have an objective in mind

What are you hoping to get out of social media? It’s important to answer this question before you start posting. Maybe you’re looking for specific candidates for a particular role in mind. Or, you may be hoping to simply broaden your candidate pool, with passive candidates who may be valuable in the future. Whatever your goal, let it shape your activity on social media.

Use the opportunity to promote your brand

Employer branding is pretty high up everyone’s agendas these days. Social is a great way of promoting your brand as well as your vacancies, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity. Simple things like having a well designed profile image, high resolution and including your logo gets your brand in front of every person who sees your posts. If you use Twitter, you can also change the colour scheme to match your company colours. It’s a small change that makes a big difference to your profile!

Share a variety of content

Posting vacancy after vacancy, and nothing else, will not interest any passive candidates not currently looking for work. However, by sharing industry news, images, interesting facts and inspiring quotes, you’re giving people more reasons for people to follow you than just job opportunities. This way, when a vacancy does come up you’ll have a large following of industry professionals to choose from.


Try to use all social networks at once

Recruiters are busy people – don’t create yourself more work by trying to manage six social platforms too! LinkedIn is the obvious choice, but you may wish to compliment it with one or two other sites. However many channels you choose, just remember it’s better to use 2 sites well than 4 sites averagely.

Duplicate content on each network

We’re not saying you have to come up with completely separate content – just present it according to the channel. Facebook or LinkedIn, for example, allow for more detailed posts than Twitter, where you are limited to 140 characters. Stick to this limit – no candidate wants to see half a tweet with a link to read the rest of it – they will simply disregard it.

Talk at your candidates

Talk to them! Social media is about conversations, so ask questions, and enter into discussions. The former shows you are interested in what candidates have to say, and the latter is a chance to show off your industry expertise. Both of which will endear you to candidates and make them much more attracted to your vacancies.

The Rise and Rise of Social Recruiting

Adecco recently published a social recruiting study, and while the idea that social media is growing in importance may come as no surprise, it’s certainly a more powerful message when backed up by some numbers. We’ve had a read through the report and picked out some of the highlights…

social media

73% use at least one social network for recruiting purposes

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is the most used platform, with second-place Facebook is almost 30% behind them.

What is interesting though, is that almost an equal amount of businesses have a company page on LinkedIn as they do on Facebook – in fact Facebook is marginally ahead. What this indicates then, is that Facebook is the preferred choice for business in general – brand awareness, social marketing and so on, but it is not as helpful for recruiting activities.

Recruiting Activities On Social Media

  1. advertising jobs
  2. sourcing passive candidates
  3. checking the accuracy of a CV

Above are the top 3 activities recruiters are doing on social media. We were most interested by number 3 – as it proves again to jobseekers how important it is both to be honest in your job applications, and to be sensible in their personal social media use. It’s never a good idea to lie on an application – you will be found out eventually. But in today’s world it is so much easier to find out the truth from your Facebook profile, you’re likely to be caught out far earlier in the recruitment process!

In The Future

Adecco also asked recruiters which digital tools they expected to grow in importance in the next year. A rise in the use of mobile apps was high on the list, but not as high as social media, which was the top answer with over 60% of the vote. However, it seems social activity is not yet high on managers’ priority lists, as the statement “my company supports the use of social media” met with only a 0.19 index (where 0 is neutral, 1 is maximum agreement) Perhaps the expected rise in social activity in the next year will be the result of an increased managerial approval? Let us know your thoughts in the comments – do your companies encourage social media use?

Fancy joining the Adecco team? View all their vacancies here.

Online recruitment firms urged to do more with social media

Social Media - Asthma HelperA software development company has urged online recruitment firms to do more to take advantage of social media and the benefits that can come from using it.

The people behind BongoMagic, which is a relationship and referral marketing tool, have warned that by failing to fully harness the power of social networking sites, recruiters are losing out on the best candidates, which will also limit the reach of their recruitment campaigns.

Online recruiters are all competing for the same candidates and are now less competitive on price due to the growing costs of SEO advertising. ‘Passive Jobseekers’ make up three-quarters of the UK working population and the BongoMagic people said that many recruiters are failing to target them.

The firm believes its software could help recruiters overcome some of these issues because it expands the target audience past the first degree of separation. Crucially, the developers say, the tool helps reach even passive candidates by tapping into other people’s social networks.

Dave Young, founder and CTO of Larosco, developers of BongoMagic, said, “Traditional online recruitment has become a static commodity unable to respond quickly to new and productive online trends.”

He added, “We believe that a change is necessary, a change which encourages the entire industry to embrace the value and potential of social communication.”

Geoff Newman from whose company embraces social recruiting using Facebook and Twitter has recently launched a free social recruitment tool.

“Using social media can be effective but is by no means free, it requires a substantial investment in your time and energy. That’s why we felt it necessary to launch a free application to make it easier and cheaper.”

Source: Newdesignworld

Picture: AsthmaHelper