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Recruitment consultant on £200k a year forced to resign after sending foul mouthed email to 4,000 people

According to the Daily Mail, a top recruitment executive has been forced to quit his job after he mistakenly sent an expletive-filled rejection email to 4,000 people.

The email was sent by Gary Chaplin as a reply to a mass-mailed enquiry from Manos Katsampoukas, who was looking for a job.

Mr Chaplin, who was earning £200,000 per year at Manchester firm Stark Brooks, accidentally replied to the 4,000 employment leads that Katsampoukas had contacted as opposed to just him.

The incident begun when Katsampoukas sent an email to thousands of job recruitment firms looking for a job in the banking or marketing sector. His email is said to have been polite and formal, however in his reply, Chaplin criticised him for not taking the time to send an individual email to each recipient.

Chaplin then wrote a scathing email in response to Katsampoukas which was packed with expletives and offensive words and insulted the intelligence of its recipient. However when Chaplin hit reply he inadvertently selected the ‘reply to all’ function and his message was sent to thousands of people in the recruitment sector.

His reply told Mr Katsampoukas: ‘I think I speak for all 4000 people you have emailed when I say, “Thanks for your CV” – it’s nice to know you are taking this seriously.’

Mr Chaplin has had to resign over the matter and told the Daily Mail: ‘I am mortified by what I did … It was a moment of idiocy.’

‘I am now looking for a job just a few days before Christmas. If I could turn back the clock I would. I will regret this forever.’

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